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Get Your First High Paying Client in 8 weeks
Get Your First High Paying Client In 8 Weeks
Using Organic Marketing
 What If You Could accelerate Your journey To 6+ figures And beat Overwhelm?
 Tuesday April 30th, 2019
 5:00 PM PDT | 8:00 PM EDT
Meet Your Coach
From being a Corp executive with 15+ years of experience as a CFO, to an owner of 3 businesses of multi 6 figures, getting featured in Vogue Magazine & top media. 

My name is Reem Kharbat & i am a business Coach, an entrepreneur and a constant thinker & researcher of passive income, marketing & entrepreneurship. 

Business building takes too long and too few people seemed able to succeed fast. So the big question became, if I could go back in time to accelerate the process, what would I do differently?

That's why i created "The Entrepreneur Accelerator Lab" an 8-week Program to help you accelerate & amplify your success, build your 6 figure business & beyond. I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs accelerate their journey of building 6+ figure business  without having to get external funding, go into debt, or go nuts from lack of sleep using Organic Marketing!

What Is The "Entrepreneur Accelerator Lab"?
This is for ambitious individuals with big vision who started a business or wanting to start one but still stuck in the process to hit the 6+figures.

I share all my experience, my success, which took me so long to figure out, all the failures, the mental blocks, and all the strategies and the shortcuts to accelerate the process.  
How Can This Take You From Zero To Hero?
Rewire your mindset for business success. This is one of the most important things for you to really understand and commit to in order to achieve success. 
Create a detailed plan that is compelling, exciting and motivating for you is what will ensure you stick with it and achieve the results you want long-term.
Launch & accelerate the process of mastering your business and achieve the success that you desire faster.
"The Entrepreneur Accelerator" Podcast
The Entrepreneur Accelerator Podcast is for ambitious individuals with big visions who want to hit 6+ figures but who are stuck – whether you’ve been in business for a while or are just starting out. Learn strategies and shortcuts to accelerate your success, pushing past any mental blocks, as I interview highly accomplished entrepreneurs to inspire you, help you, and take you to where you're supposed to be in life and business. My name is Reem Kharbat, owner of three multi-6-figure businesses. I’ve been featured in Vogue and other top media and now it is my mission to help entrepreneurs about passive income, marketing, and going fast with big results! 
"Reem will transform your life and business. She is a Lady on a MISSION..."
Klaas van Oosterhout, "Become A Fearless Father"
Watch This Testimonial!
"One year ago I could never imagine what I'm doing now. She helped me turn my talent into a home-based business. She gave me the methodology and belief in myself. Thank you!"
Aliki Katsarou, Author & Copywriter
"If you are stuck or need help, I highly recommend Reem. She's serving from her heart. Thank you so much!"
Russ Broadhead, Entrepreneur & Knowledge Broker
Watch This Testimonial!
"She helped me breakthrough when I was stuck thinking where and how should I start my business. She gave me a simple blueprint to follow. Thank you so much!"
Danish Khan, Fashion Model & Mr. Asia
"I've been very blessed to work with Reem, she coached me to develop & create my business"
Pascale Van de Voorde, Clinical Hypnotherapist
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